Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Scarred For Life is a group of Southern California Punk Rockers brought together by Mr. Demian Cane. Demian has befriended most of the well-known acts in punk, and has roadied for them as well. Just to name a few: DISCHARGE, Dead Kennedy’s, Battalion of Saints, Dr. Know, Final Conflict, and The Business. Fed up with all the pop sounding crap that infiltrated the Southern California Punk scene, he decided that if the newer bands weren’t playing the kind of music that he wanted to hear, he’d form a band that was.What was to become the original line-up was finalized in February of 1997. This line-up included: Ron “Raygunn” Swiney--formerly of Glycine Max and Dogma Mundista, Clyde Abad --formerly of Pig Children, the original H.F.L. line-up, and Bonecrusher, Mike Robarge - formerly of Disrupters, and Steve Stearns--formerly of Power Assault. After six practices they ventured into the studio to record their debut release "Born Work Die." SFL played their first live gig in April of 1997 at “Live Bait” in Long Beotch, CA.,

items name:SCARED FOR LIFE band tshirt
condtion: A
measurement: Pit to pit 20.5 inch, collar to hem 27.5 inch

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